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Article Submission In SEO

What Is Article Submission

Article submission is a off page SEO technique. the first task is always to work on your content and improve your page ie do all the on page techniques first. assuming you done all that, now is the time to market your site externally.

collection of article in article submission

All the techniques we use to increase traffic on the site by marketing it on someplace else, are all called off-page techniques of SEO.

There are various things you can do off-page to market your website and get a boost of traffic and spread awareness. for example outbound links, reciprocal links, guest posting, etc. The most successful of them is article submission.

Article submission is the most successful off-page technique to rank your article fast and get your reputation up as the expert in the field. therefore builds trust

If article submission is done wisely along with some other techniques it will work as a boon to increase your rank up fastly and get your reputation up as the expert in that field

It is a simple free technique where you just have to submit your article related to your website or your business to a directory for further marketing.

At this point, we know in brief what is article submission technique is, now let’s look in detail of why we are doing it……

Why Are We Doing It

Some of it is already clear to you until this point, but we are gonna cover every angle and aspect of why we do article submission in SEO and for our brand awarness.

how to view article submission

Article submission is the most successful and best technique for SEO cause it has many different gains at once. The main purpose is to attract as more audience as we can towards our work, our services, and our product.

The second good outcome is the quality and quantity of backlinks we get from successful article submission. as we all know the more good high domain authority backlinks we have, the more odds are in our favor in ranking the website.

One advantage is also that, not only article submission is for the directory sites, but these short precise attractive articles also help in social media for brand awareness and marketing.

The more on point your writing is, the more traffic you are gonna get, and that’s gonna increase your domain authority, and which in turn proves you are the expert in the field at hand and also builds trust.

Now that we know all about the ‘what’ and ‘why’ until this point, let’s look at a more important, useful and interesting section…….

How To Efficiently Do Article Submission In SEO

Before we jump right into it, you have to understand there are two types of sites where you can go for effective article submission. first, are the CMS(content management system) sites which offer these services after registration. The other one are the sites where you can send the admin or author, a submission request of your article.

learn about article submission

Before you start to apply any external tactic for optimizing your website, make sure your writing is attractive and relevant to your original website. Make sure the content is orginal and full of useful unique information. The next step is to add them into popular directories of articles.

The length of the article should not be ignored, writing of sufficient words is also important, the more words an article contains, the more weightage in google’s algorithm it will have.

Now to gain the extra edge you must work on keywords too. research the keywords which have more traffic then it’s similar ones. Pay extra attention at headings cause headings are the main thing that stands out, the target keywords must be repeated significant times to rank the article. But make sure not to take it at an excessive level cause then it will go in the category of keyword stuffing.

Make sure to work on subheadings and bullets as this will give a readable structure to your article, and this will improve your article submission visibility online. Look for the directory sites that will do the marketing of your article for free.

Another thing you can do to force your articles is instead of posting the same article at different directory sites, change some words or use synonyms to avoid duplicating in goggle’s eyes.

Key Points For Successful Article Submission

Now that we got all the information on how to effectively do article submission let’s look at some important key points for successful article submission……

key points to note in article submission
  • Don’t submit same article on different directory sites.
  • Always try to improve online visibility of the article.
  • Length of the article must be in the range of 500 to 700 words.
  • Put a lot of emphasis on headings, subheadings and bullets.
  • The article must be original and unique (avoid content syndication).

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