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Cross Linking In SEO

What Is Cross Linking

Before we jump right into the technicalities and how-tos of cross-linking, let’s first talk about what is cross-linking

connect the sites via links

As the name suggests, cross-linking in SEO simply means to link different websites to get traffic on the other one too, and eventually rank your website on the search engine result page (SERP).

If done right, cross-linking is a very easy way to get high traffic on your low traffic sites and if done wrong it results in penality. we can understand it as providing inbound or a backlink to our second website on our first website. Not only it is a way of getting organic traffic, but to even get future leads and customer data.

Cross-linking allows the user to get a reference site with similar content but it must be unique and related to the website you are referencing it from. the user when looking at your website wants to see what else is there, that’s where you come in with a suggestive link which is attractive and have a free offer for them to sign up on

Congrats, now you got organic traffic, future leads and customer data for future marketing

Now that we know all about the ‘what is cross linking’ let’s look into a another important question…….

Why We Do CrossLinking In SEO

Some of this maybe you already know at this point or maybe you read on other sites that cross linking is also a way for search engine optimistaion.

link one site to other in cross-linking

Cross-linking is not an SEO technique on its own, it works great if done with other techniques too like inbound links and reciprocal links

As we all know that the more we increase the ‘authority’ and traffic of a site, the more google crawlers are gonna crawl your site and index it fast that’s gonna make your place higher in search engine result page(SERP).

Just like everything in this world, too much of something is harmful, the same goes for crosslinking too. If you overdo it, it will become obvious to the google crawlers what you are doing.

Cross-linking is gonna boost up the traffic of your website which is comparatively low on traffic and will be a boon in spreading your brand awareness.

Now that we know all the what and why let’s look on how

How To Do Cross Linking In SEO

As we probably already know that first you have to prepare the two sites you want to cross link.Make sure the content is unique but theme must be same, means if the first site is all about fitness then the second site in cross linking must not be on automobiles.

join hands to do crosslinking

Now that both sites are prepared you can use footer or sidebar links to link other website, make sure you do keyword research properly. the more traffic that keyword has, the more chance it’ll get ranked up and clicked on.

Always make the link as anchor text with a long tail keyword cause it looks more specific and attracts the most audience but always sure to make it seem as natural and attractive as possible.

Now that you have done all that, link the most viewed pages to the site cause crosslinking a mostly viewed page to that site will make increment in the traffic and it will make goggle bots index it faster and overall increase your google rank.

And one other awesome thing you can do is create a free offer associated with that link, as you work on the keyword and made it specific and attractive, more and more people are gonna click on it.

This strategy will help you in many different ways, as it will bring leads and it will get you more interested customers data which you can use further in email marketing or get future clients.

Key Points You Have To Remember While Doing Cross Linking

points to note while cross-linking in SEO
  • Don’t use the link on every page, it will make it obvious to Google bots what you are doing.
  • To be on the safe side use different IP addresses for different sites while dong cross-linking.
  • Don’t make link rings.
  • Always makes it seem natural, don’t overdo it.
  • Use keywords in the hyperlink to make it more attrative to audoence.

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