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Forum Posting In SEO

What Is Forum Posting

what is forum posting

Before we talk about forum posting in SEO, let’s first understand what is a forum. A forum is not a business platform. it is not a place to sell your services and goods. it’s a place where people can discuss a topic or can have their questions answered by an expert.
That is the first mistake people do when it comes to forum posting, they do direct marketing.

Forum posting is one of the oldest ways to get quality and organic backlinks but only if you do it right. If you do it the wrong way. get ready to be ban by the admin of that forum soon.
That’s why it is important to get on the forum which is related to the website or the services or goods you offer. The aim should not be to spam the forum but to help the people with the problem they are discussing.

Doing that is will prove you are the expert in the field and then you are gonna get organic traffic on your website. which I assume you want in the first place.
The main thing I am talking about here is. do forum posting with the intention of helping people and showing them that you can help them with their problems. the more they visit your blog the more they get to learn.
That’s how you build a strategy for a long term business by working on your service or your product and spread the awareness of your work or brand. That’s where forum posting came in.

Why We Do Forum Posting

people talk in forum posting

Now the questions arise why we do forum posting when we have so many other SEO techniques to rank our website………

Well, unfortunately, people are always gonna have problems and queries in their day to day lives That’s why forums are made so people can go to these forums, post a question or a problem they have and others can answer and can have a discussion.

And that’s an awesome opportunity for you to jump in and help them and prove to them you are an expert in the situation and they can learn more about it when they visit your website, that’s called an organic true backlink

That way the admin of the forum will be satisfied cause no spamming or direct marketing is there, the people are happy that they got help and they found the source they can look for if they had similar problems, and you are happy too that you got organic traffic on your website and you have people following you.

Forum posting does all that good for all but it can harm you too if you don’t respect the terms and conditions of the admin of the forum. violations of the terms and conditions of the admin will turn forum posting a bane from a boon for you. But assuming you take a good look at the terms and conditions, forum posting will help you and the admin and even the people that are active on it.

How To Do Forum Posting

ways to do forum posting

Now we cover all the ethical and introductory parts regarding forum posting,let’s jump right into how to do it.

Before we start to do forum posting. a bit of research is required.always keep in mind that articles or posts in a forum posting need to target a specific problem and should have relevant titles.

You have to find a thread relevant to your website in a good authoritative forum. then you have to make your profile in the forum that looks relevant to that forum topic which can be fitness, sports or medicines or pretty much anything.

The next step is to research the keyword. always remember you are making your rep up and generating organic backlinks doesn’t mean you can’t do SEO along with it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a website or a forum google algorithm still ranks it. that’s why keyword analysis is super important

After that task is easy, just participate in an active discussion, answer the members and mention your website for more information and congrats you just increased your organic backlinks, your rep and your page rank.

Key Points To Remember

key points about forum posting
  • Always go on relevant topics and discussions.
  • Be as more active and participative as you can.
  • Don’t copy, write authentic stuff.
  • Don’t do direct marketing this will probably get you banned.
  • keep note that post signature will help you, include it.
  • Always do keyword research before posting this will rank you in the search engine results page (SERP).

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