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Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites

What Is Guest Posting

As the name suggest, you are gonna post an article on a guest’s website. Guest posting is one of the best methods in performing SEO and building true buisness relationships.

what is a guest post

Not only guest posting is used to make relationships but also to spread brand awareness, and getting high quality backlinks.

Suppose you are a content writer for a website and someone paid you some money to write for you, then you are getting money and he’s gonna get his content. that’s a win for everyone’s situation right?. Same goes for here but the only difference is he’s gonna pay you with backlinks which we work in favor of you in further marketing of your site.

How To Do Guest Posting

Now that we know what a guest posting is let’s talk about how to perform it….

how to do guest posting

First thing you have to keep in mind that the research is important before writing an article, make sure to make it as attractive and readable as possible. The more you work in your content to make it unique and to the point, the more return you are gonna get in terms of quality backlinks and exposure.

After when you are ready with your article and ready to post it, make sure you scrutinize it so that a simple analysis can be done. After that, you can always improve your article in terms of length, and in terms of quality.

Now assuming you are prepared with all the writing and posting skills you need, the question arises where to post it…..

Always keep in mind, it’s not compulsory for the sites to do guest posting, some of them do. it’s not easy to get at the top of the site you are posting the article in. And you have to also make sure, the domain authority and age authority is as high as possible or else that article will not rank in the search engine results page(SERP).

Don’t worry, we assembled a list of high domain authority and page authority links for you so you can guest post there without any difficulty.

Links For Posting

  • domain authority of 21 and page authority of 37).
  • (having domain authority of 14 and page authority of 25).
  • (having domain authority of 22 and page authority of 42).
  • (having domain authority of 24 and page authority of 35).
  • (having domain authority of 6 and page authority of 18).
  • (having domain authority of 24and page authority of 40).
  • (having domain authority of 15 and page authority of 38).
  • (having domain authority of 22 and page authority of 42).
  • (having domain authority of 26 and page authority of 41).
  • (having domain authority of 24 and page authority of 41).
  • (having domain authority of 16 and page authority of 30).
  • (having domain authority of 16 and page authority of 28).
  • (having domain authority of 9 and page authority of 20).
  • (having domain authority 35).
  • (having domain authority 97).
  • (having domain authority 94).
  • (having domain authority 92).

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