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Private Blog Networks(PBN)

What Is PBN

what is private blog network

You may also heard this on other websites that private blog network is a very “unethical” or black hat way of link building.well i can’t say it is full true and it is not full wrong too.

Introduction about PBN

Before we jump into why I said it lets see what a private blog network actually is……
suppose you want a company to buy a product from you on a large scale, and you want them to give you the contract as fast as possible what you can do let‘s see

  • upgrade your product as per the company requirements.
  • give them a sample to convince them you are the best.
  • spend time on building your image and trust with the company.

Building of PBN Network

Now we all know that’s a very time taking process maybe you didn’t do it cause of the time consumption, or you did it, and you still didn’t get the amount of success from it.
So maybe you thought why not bribe some members from that company to make them my friends so that they’ll say good about me in the company and to the head of the company, it will look like I sold right products to them I’ll get the contract fast.

well, that’s precisely how the private blog network was born.

now you know what a private blog network(PBN) is, think about what will happen if somehow that company’s head found out what you did …..

Let us continue

He’s gonna cancel all the contracts given to you and maybe charge you with a penalty that’s precise what goggle does when it finds out.

At this point, we know that private blog networks are a terrible rep thing for your website, but we can still agree for a moment that it does the job fast. So what should we do…..

Either we can drop the idea of Private blog network(PBN), or we can go along with it and gets penalized. Well, the truth lies in the middle.

What we need to know before we go on a Private blog network(PBN) route

A private blog network(PBN) is simply a network of websites that are own by a single person that has backlinks to other websites.what this does is it makes google algorithm see that you are a trusted website cause you have all this high domain authority links to back you up.

there are not only spammy or ethical reasons that will get in the way there are some other hurdles too…..

like for instance financial hurdle let’s see you are going to maintain a group of websites to get your google rank up that means you have to prepare a ton of content then the cost of domain and hosting then you have to pay for the links too, assuming you don’t have a high domain authority at the start.

that’s 50 to 500$ for websites means a lot….

So now the question arises what can we do to get ranked up fast and not get penalized.

Simple, its all about percentages……

percentages in private blog network

it’s not what you do that’s hurting you the most…..its how much you are doing it.if 100% of your backlinks are from fake un-authorised sites good luck maintaining that website.

As I have shown above if 80% of your website is hard work on your content and ethical SEO and 20% of it is Private blogging network backlinks, you are good to go.

And there’s one thing you can do more…..


guest posting in private blog network

it is a straightforward way to get high domain authority and real backlinks and get a genuine business relationship which will help your site to be ranked fast.
But beware that google is continually doing updates and it is continuously getting harder for the back hat pbn’s to survive.but if you are keeping everything at balance no ones gonna finds out.

Merits of Private blog network(PBN)

  • You can increase your domain authority(which simply is the authority or authenticity of your domain in google’s eyes ) in a very short time.
  • Buy expired domains or the about to be expired domains in auctions and you will get a high domain authority site to work with.
  • You don’t have to waste time on building true relationships for your business to get domain authority.
  • You are in control of the network that means in case of penality you can remove the links yourself.

Demerits of Private blog network

person writing on laptop demerits of private blog network
  • very costly to do.
  • if google gets suspicious and found out your site will get de-indexed or probably an actual penalty will bang your door.
  • loss of money and work is penalized.

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