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Ranking Factor For A Website In 2019

What is a Ranking Factor

Ranking factor for a website

Before we start to see and analyze all the ranking factors in 2019 we must understand why we want our website to rank. For that, we must ask ourselves a question…..

When we go on to google and search for some information that we want to know how many websites we open. The answer is only top 5 to 10 websites.

And let me tell you its not you,99% of the general population does that. Now we all know from this moment now that top 5 websites get the most traffic.

As we all know “more traffic” means more leads, more view, more sales more money and who doesn’t want that.

That’s why ranking factors in 2019 is so cruicial to understand and implement if you want your business to grow.

And before we jump right into what should we do we have to understand…..

How Google Algorithm Ranks A Website

how google consider ranking factors

Maybe we read this on other sites as well that google bots have automated chunks of software called ‘spiders’.These scripts called spiders are a major ranking factor process as they crawl the web pages.

After crawling they add optimized pages to their index and then they catalog them and show best results based on the search terms. These best results are shown in decreasing order of their ranks.

There are countless factors that came into play when google bots rank a website, what matters exactly and how the goggle algorithm actual work in all the ranking factors in 2019 is something that the goggle knows only.

But the good thing is we can look at all the patterns and our experience and combine that and what will be the result is the approximation of how goggle bots work in all the ranking factors in 2019.

In this, the first thing that comes to mind is RSS which stands for responsive, speed and secure. Maybe you heard this a thousand times that goggle algorithm prefers a site that is fast loading and secure and that’s 100% true.

Now that we know all about what a ranking factor is and how goggle bots rank a website lets ask a much important question………

How Can We Rank Our Website Or What Are The Ranking Factors To Focus In 2019

ranking factors of 2019

Now we came to the actual technical part what we can do to rank our website or what are the ranking factors in 2019 to focus.

Firstly, your primary focus should be on your page load time. If your site contains too much of Javascript animations then good luck ranking that website, because that will make its page load time super long and goggle bots never rank a slow loading site.

The next thing I wanna talk about is your site responsiveness. responsiveness is also a major ranking factor what it means is, Is your site compatible and adjustable to any size of the screen it’s viewing on that means your site has to be mobile-friendly.

Now let’s see what major ranking factors go into the google algorithm and what comes out is the SEO rank….

  • The content quality a website offers is a very major ranking factor which many people neglect.
  • The domain authority(DA) and page authority(PA), they both relate to each other and also comes as a very crucial ranking factor in 2019. You can think of them as your website score of trust.
  • The purpose and website information about its domain and specifics is also a worth noting point in ranking factors in 2019.
  • Domain age is also a very crucial ranking factor in 2019 that many people don’t think about.

If we want to catogrize the ranking factors it comes to major two divisions

  • On-page ranking factors which cover all things you can do in your website page to get ranked this include better content, better keyword analysis, and answer boxes, internal links, and outbound links.
  • Off-page ranking factors which cover all things you can do to build and strengthen your ranking factors in 2019, this include backlinks.

What More You Need To Focus As Ranking Factors In 2019

key points for ranking factors

some time ago goggle launched its search engine algorithm update which mainly was focused on the mobile performance of a website. which means its responsiveness and its page time, since then it is also becoming one of the important ranking factors in 2019.there are tools online called testing tools which can check your website and will show you the stats.

Until this point you know pretty much everything you need to know about ranking factors in 2019 but there are some more things you need to focus on to get the extra edge which is gonna separate you from other website owners……

  • Perform latent semantic keyword and work on that to improve your site.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing its gonna get you a bad rep.
  • Use keyword phrases in page title its gonna get a bit highlighted in google bots eyes.
  • Continuously check your website dwell time and bounce rate as the goggle bots are doing it too.

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