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Reciprocal Links In SEO

What Are Reciprocal Links

Before we go deep into how to perform reciprocal links strategy to do a successful SEO, it is important to first understand what are reciprocal links.

person working on reciprocal links

Suppose you work in a company and in that company the person who got the most positive points from the coworkers, will get a raise on the salary day. so you and your friend decided to give each other a positive point to get close to the raise.

That’s exactly how reciprocal links work……..

A Reciprocal link is simply an agreement between two site owners to provide a backlink to each other site.

If done correctly, along with some other methods reciprocal links will increase organic backlinks you have and therefore increase traffic on your website.

There are many methods to get a reciprocal link and we will get to that in the ‘how to’ section. It is an easy method to get organic backlinks but over the years it has gotten a bad reputation, the reason for that is the over usage of the methods and getting reciprocal links from a website that does not remotely make sense to get a link from.

Major techniques and methods in SEO solely focus on getting backlinks and traffic to your website. Reciprocal links are a another way of doing that.

Now that we know a bit on what is a reciprocal link,let’s go on further with……..

Why We Use Reciprocal Links In SEO

Some of the ‘why we do it’ we already know at this point or maybe you read it on some other website too, that reciprocal links are a method to get organic backlinks to your website.

we use reciprocal links to rank our website

Now the question arises, if reciprocal links are a great way to get organic backlinks, why it got such a negative reptauation……

Cause in google bots eyes every backlink is not the same. To be put in the words of Google “the quantity, quality and also relevance of the backlinks that count in getting your rank up”,cause goggle bots are designed to pick up on it, thats why the nature of the reciprocal links are important.

If you do it not in an unnatural seeming way and with the sites you share general context with it is gonna prove to be a very helpful method to increase the rank of your website in the search engine result page(SERP).

Reciprocal links is way for both the owners to get organic backlinks to each other

Now that we covered all about the basics of reciprocal link building, let’s ask a more important and helpful question………

How To Get Reciprocal Links For SEO

The two major things that are important in case of reciprocal links are research of links,which are the useful ones and which are broken ones and trust.

reciprocal link is all about parternship

Working on your content is always the first best option before applying any SEO tatic. second, you have to research about the competition backlinks. but make sure to get a link related to your niche otherwise its obvious what you are doing.

Suppose your website is all about cooking which is good but you are getting your reciprocal links from a site about how to modify bikes , then it doesn’t seem natural to google bots and to audience too.

Your main goal should be helping audience and increasing their good expierence, the more users you are gonna attract , the more google bots are gonna follow.

Always make sure to choose a site which is somewhat related with your niche but make sure to target different keyword using proper research.

You can go to backlink checker online tool site too where you can enter your competitor’s URL, that will let you know the links back to him, then if the content is somewhat similar , you can request backlink too.

One another utility of that is, you can see working and broken links. if the link is not working or empty, you can offer the owner a new better content to link to.

There’s no hard evidence that connects reciprocal links and SEO together but doing it the right way definitely does help. one other thing you can do is write articles for other sites or get your service or your work reviewed, this will get you noticed in eyes of like-minded owners and google bots too.

Key Points To Remember

key points for reciprocal links
  • Always target a website related to your niche but target different keywords.
  • Use backlink checker tools to look at all the backlinks and look for broken links too.
  • Only focus on high DA (domain authority) sites.
  • Keep improving your site contentwise.
  • Go on to web directory its gonna help.
  • Try to write articles or get your product or work reviewed , its gonna spread awareness about your work which will make the work easier.

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