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What is Shaala Darpan and their advantages

Shaala Darpan design ICT program of ministry of human resources development Government of India that to provide mobile access to parents of a student of Government and government-aided school.

shaala darpan

Advantages Of Shaala Darpan

Using Shaala Darpan parents can view update on the children progress they can view record of attendance assignment achievement of their children the ministry aims to launch the service by 2015 academic session Shaala Darpan portal of Rajasthan teachers in this site working about teachers of Rajasthan about all work is related to government school student internship program for teacher and much more work.

As we all know that our education system m is going to update day by day Shaala Darpan is the program or we can say it is a good initiative taken by our government ministry of human resource development to aware parents about what their children are going to do you in there school and colleges there are a lot of advantage with this software after all after this great software parents will directly aware regard their children’s progress report about their studies.

How Shaala Darpan help to many people

It provides an integrated platform to meet the educational and administrative needs of all stakeholders (students, parents, and teachers) and is capable of sending and receiving effective dialogue between every stakeholder. It will integrate all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas with a common standard which includes around 636 schools and 2.67 million students.

This single integrated platform is developed for knowledge dissemination and information sharing for 22,000 employees and more than 2 lakh students across NVS’s schools and offices. The platform at a minimum cost of Rs.6 crore abides by Guidelines for Indian Government Websites(GIGS).

Major Components: It includes an integrated content management portal that consists of 636 websites of Navodaya schools across India. It will contain information relating to the service record, transfer or posting, disciplinary action, and ACR tracking.  Apart from strengthening the budget and finance management system, the portal will also improve mess management and hostel conditions

This portal has been designed from Open Source Technology and hence the cost incurred was very low (meager budget) and up-dation cost in the future will remain low.

The major effect will be an end to end info sharing, proper analytical details, better transparency in the evaluation of teachers and students both, 654 bilingual platform for each school and role-based access to have a better evaluation at every stage.

What is Navodaya Vidyalayas?

They are co-educational residential schools established by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti which is an autonomous organization under the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) to provide quality modern education. The Navodaya Vidyalayas and its teachers play a crucial contribution in educationally uplifting the rural children.

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